Welcome to Electronic Tendering System of Government of Maharashtra. This System is intended to be used by all Departments, Agencies and Corporations of Maharashtra for processing of the Tenders online. Suppliers and Contractors intending to do business with those Departments, Agencies and Corporations of Maharashtra who have migrated their processes online are invited to register on the Electronic Tendering System.
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Amendment for Water Filter cum Purifier, Plastic Mat, House hold Sewing Machine tenders (2014-15)

System Tender No.: 80, 81, 83 and 84 - Corrigendum 1

Comparative statement of Household sewing machine2013-14

Commercial Rates of Zigzag Sewing Machune for 2013-14

Commercial Rates of Water Purifier for 2013-14

Commercial Rates of Tarpaulin (Plastic) for 2013-14

Commercial Rates for Tarapaulin (Canvass) for 2013-14

Commercial Bid for Plastic Mats for 2013-14

Comparison Sheet - Bicycles Ladies and Gents - Tender No: SPC/RCT/Bicycle/06/2013-14

1st Extension Notice - Household Sewing Machine

Reschedule of Technical tender opening

Ammendment-2 Bicycle/Household Sewing Machine/Household Zigzag Sewing Machine

Minutes of Pre-bid meeting held in CSPO on 07-10-2013

Amendment 1 - Tarpaulin (Plastic) 2013-14 - System Tender No. 71

1st Extension for Schedule of Raincoats (Black & White) - System Tender Number: 61

Notice for Extension of Schedules for Plain Paper Copier-System Tender No: 62, Monocular Microscope-System Tender No: 63, Binocular Microscope-System Tender No: 64

1st Extension for Schedule of Plain Paper Copier Tender - System Tender Number: 49

1st Extension for Schedule of Fax Machine Tender - System Tender Number: 47

Amendment No 1 dt. 01.09.2012 - Tarpaulin Plastic - System Tender No 46

Corrigendum -1 dt:13-08-2012 for tenders Plastic Mats, Country Jute Twine and EPBAX for year 2012-13

2nd Extension of Fax Machine

1st Extension for Fax Machine

Second Extention of Raicoats(Khaki) for the period 2010-11

Corrigendum dt:10.08.2011-First Extension for Cotton Waste

corrigendum dt.4.8.2011 for the First Extention of Raincoats (Black & White), Raincoats (Khaki), Gumboots (Knee) & PVC Gumboots

Amendment for Tender form Tarpaulin(Plastic) for year 2011-12

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